Food Security

Food Security, Your Guide For: Growing Your Garden, How Much Seed to Purchase, Tools you will Need, Freezing-Canning-Drying-Root Cellars, Personal Seed Bank
By Phillip D. Albright

Available as an e-book and a paperback on Amazon.
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e-book is formatted to use on any computer, I phone, I-pad. Available in paper back also at Amazon.

Food Security© promotes a healthy lifestyle through the integration of vegetables and fruit into your edible landscape while encouraging families to set aside the seeds and tools needed to grow food for your family over an extended emergency.

Food Security© is a short book which evolved after the hurricane in New Orleans and the earthquake in Haiti occurred. Our respective governments were slow or did not have the resources to respond adequately. Before and after we have seen volcanoes erupt, tsunamis devastate areas in Japan and Asia, droughts in Russia, Africa, and the U.S., flooding world wide, earthquakes and pandemics.

Much of the U.S. food banked corn, butter, cheese, were sold during and since the Clinton administration to save on the cost of storage. Seed vaults throughout the world were created to store seeds to preserve their DNA in the event of a large disaster affecting the world’s ability to grow enough food.

Vegetable seeds for the U.S. home and commercial growers are grown to provide seed primarily for the following growing season. In the event of a large disaster, the availability of vegetable seeds would be very short lived, possibly one-two days created by a rush on seeds for food.

Create a Family Personal Seed Bank to store for an extended emergency enough seed to grow vegetables/food for you and your family, friends, extended family for one or two years. Our book tells you what tools to have on hand, calculate how much of vegetable seed to have on hand based on the number of people you want to feed, calculate how much land is required to plant that seed, how to prepare the land, how to plant the seed, how to care for the garden while growing your vegetables, when and how to harvest, show you four ways how prepare/store the food, and how to save seed for the following year.

Food Security© is a how-to book with the following chapters and links to the resources required:

Chapter 1 What If?
Chapter 2 What seeds to consider planting?
Chapter 3 How much to grow and how much space to grow your seed/food.
Chapter 4 Where tp plant your garden.
Chapter 5. Tools to help you?
Chapter 6. Soil Preparation?
Chapter 6 Planting and Growing your vegetables
Chapter 7 Harvesting, Preserving and storing, Freezing, Canning, Root Cellars
Chapter 8 Saving seeds for your future
Chapter 9 Overwintering your garden

Our book is available on Amazon in a read only (Kindle compatible) format and in paperback format.

We can help you estimate how much seed you will require, lay out your garden, add drip irrigation.

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