Emergencee Seeds©

The Emergencee Seeds© Vegetable Gardening Division promotes a healthy lifestyle through the integration of vegetables and fruit into your beautiful landscape while encouraging families to set aside the seeds and tools needed to grow food for your family over an extended Emergency.

Emergencee Seeds© is a short book which evolved after the hurricane in New Orleans and the earthquake in Haiti occurred and our respective governments were slow or did not have the resources to respond adequately. Before and after we have seen volcanoes erupt, tsunamis devastate areas in Japan and Asia, droughts in Russia, Africa, and the U.S., flooding world wide, and additional earthquakes. In many cases events were so large and devastating governments could not respond adequately.

Much of the U.S. food banked corn, butter, cheese, were sold during and since the Clinton administration to save on the cost of storage. Seed banks, not food banks, throughout the world were created to store seeds to preserve their DNA in the event of a large disaster affecting the world’s ability to grow enough food.

Vegetable seeds for the U.S. home and commercial growers are grown to provide seed primarily for the following growing season. In the event of a large disaster, the availability of vegetable seeds would be very short lived, possibly one-two days.

Create a Family Personal Seed Bank to store for an extended emergency enough seed to grow vegetables/food for you and your family, friends, extended family for one or two years. Our book tells you what tools to have on hand, calculate how much of the vegetable seed to have on hand based on the number of people you are providing for, calculate how much land is required to plant that seed, how to prepare the land, how to plant the seed, how to care for the garden while growing your vegetables, when and how to harvest, 4 ways to store the food, and how to save seed for the following year.

Emergencee Seeds© is a how-to book with the following chapters and links to the resources required:

Chapter 1  What If?

Chapter 2  What seeds to grow?

Chapter 3  How much to grow and where?

Chapter 4  Tools to help you?

Chapter 5  Soil Preparation?

Chapter 6  Growing your vegetables

Chapter 7  Harvesting

Chapter 8  Saving seed

Chapter 9  Over winter your garden

Emergencee Seeds© Book is completing final editing and will be available soon!

“Heaven is lasting and earth enduring. The reason why they are lasting and enduring is that they do not live for themselves; therefore they live long.”
-Tso te Chin