Christmas Trees

(music: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Mannheim Steamroller)

The Happy Christmas Tree© Division: Christmas Trees grown in Vermont more like the ones your grandmother had in her home with a little more space to hang lights and ornaments, while free of insecticides.

Happy Christmas Trees©!

They are bio-degradable.

They help hold water in the soil and prevent soil erosion making the soil and water Happy.

They provide shelter for Happy birds, rabbits, snakes, insects, and other creatures.

They take in and use carbon dioxide making the air and us Happy.

They make and put oxygen into the air to help us and many other creatures live Happily.

They provide shade and help keep the earth cool and us Happy.

They act as a wind barrier, to slow the wind to prevent wind soil erosion.

No insecticides are used on them so they are even Happier.

No chemical weed control.

The Happy Christmas Trees© told us to stop using weed control their second year in our field.

The weeds and grass are Happy and are kept mowed all these years.

The worms and other creatures in the soil below the weeds are now Happy.

The grass around the Happy Trees is mowed down and across the rows, creating clippings which helps mulch and provides nitrogen to the Happy trees and food for the worms!

Happy Christmas Trees are grown in clean healthy air at about 1500 ft. elevation.

They are sheared to leave a little more space to hold more decorations easily!

They can be chipped to provide mulch after Christmas.

They can be placed on the ice on lakes and ponds and sink in spring to make fish homes!

They bring joy to us in the field and in our homes!

Happy Fraser Fir and Happy Canaan Fir:

Canaan Fir is a relative of the Balsam fir, with wonderful fragrance and good needle retention, is a beautiful tree.

Fraser fir is still a favorite, fragrant with good needle retention and shorter needles, is a beautiful tree.

“I will love Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.”
-Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol